About Us

It’s a research initiative that aims to bring to light the little known aspects of pahari embroidery and increase awareness about this fading art so that it can be revived.

Pahari embroidery, which was originally practiced in various parts of undivided Punjab and Himachal Pradesh, is primarily known for its spectacular Chamba rumals, pahari cholies and other household articles. Unfortunately, out of this big umbrella of craft, only Chamba rumals are being made today in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. It’s here that the research has been undertaken with an aim to explore, innovate, and help this fascinating craft regain its past grandeur and glory. We did extensive research in documenting the traditional technique, rebuilding dyeing procedures using indigenous dyes, development of design catalogue for access to traditional designs and motifs and recreated range of products for diversification. Along with these, intervention with artisans was taken up simultaneously for sustenance of craft.

The aim of the project is to provide new dimensions to the craft by suggesting new usages while keeping its traditional essence. The product like rumals (dhaknus or chhabus) in varied sizes and shapes, wall hangings and apparels have been developed. Most of the products are double sided (dorukha) i.e similar on both sides of fabric which can be used as partitions, covering for sacred books, musical instruments, sagan thal, fruit baskets etc. It’s a meticulous hand work in minute double sided darning and satin stitches embroidered on diverse range of delicate cotton fabrics with natural dyed, untwisted silk yarns based on traditional themes.

Come, explore and support the true spirit of artisans of Chamba!!